Gavin Nixon is from South Philadelphia and is currently enrolled at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Class of 2024) studying fine arts with a focus on drawing and painting. Gavin explores a variety of mediums including traditional practices such as oil paints, ink, and charcoal, as well as more experimental mediums including interactive sound, site-specific installation, and comic art.

Thematically, Gavin’s work explores narrative-driven surrealism and focuses on dream-like imagery, sci-fi fantasy themes, and the human figure. Gavin’s work forms relationships between the body, nostalgia, and memory and blurs their boundaries to form a body of work that distorts spaces and questions perspectives. These painted fragments of borrowed time, fading figures, and texturaul soundscapes surpass the boundaries of the space they reside in. Gavin’s inspiration lies with reminiscence to where he has been and where he dreams of escaping to.